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2009 Best of Show

Boston/NNE Society of Technical Communication
Bose LIFESTYLE Homewide Powered Speaker System Owner's Guide
Layout and instructional illustrations


Bose ad-slick illustration
Art direction and vector-based illustration (Illustrator)





Holmes Products humidifier illustration
Digital illustration (Illustrator and Photoshop)




Holmes Products control panel illustration
Digital illustration (Illustrtor and Photoshop)


Bose Wave Radio/CD illustration
Art direction and 3D illustration







Bose Lifestyle System instructions
Design and illustration (Illustrator and InDesign)






Medisense instructional illustration
Vector-based illustration (Illustrator)







Jewelry brush packaging illustration
Digtital illustration (Illustrator and Photoshop)




Bose LIFESTYLE 901 illustration
Vector-based illustration (Illustrator)





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